7 Commercial Applications of Drone Photography

3 min readSep 19, 2023

Drones are amazing little machines that can fly in the air. You can control them from the ground, and they have cameras to take pictures or videos. Not just for fun, these flying gadgets are helping businesses, too. How? Well, they can do jobs like looking at big pieces of land or taking pictures of tall buildings. This way, companies can save time and money. But that’s not all. Drones can also help with things like selling homes, keeping an eye on crops, and even making movies! So, let’s dive in and see seven cool ways that drones are helping businesses, making work easier, faster, and better.

Making Maps and Checking Land More Easily

In construction and land management, knowing the lay of the land is crucial. With drone photography in Mobile, AL, and other places, you can fly over large areas and capture detailed images. These pictures are then used to make accurate maps, which are essential for planning big projects like highways, shopping centers, or housing complexes. Not only does this save a ton of time compared to traditional methods, but it also reduces the risk involved in physically surveying the area.

Selling Houses in a New Light

When selling a property, presentation is everything. A drone can provide sweeping aerial views of a property, giving potential buyers a unique perspective. The drone captures not just the home itself but also the surroundings — nearby parks, the quality of the neighborhood, and even traffic conditions at different times of the day. This holistic view can make a big difference in marketing a property and often speeds up the selling process.

Adding Drama to Films and Videos

Movie makers and videographers are finding drones to be invaluable. With drone services in Alabama and other places like that, capturing sweeping landscapes or high-action sequences becomes much easier and cheaper. Before drones, filmmakers had to rent helicopters or use cranes for such shots, but now they can get equally stunning results without breaking the bank.

A Farmer’s Best Friend for Monitoring Crops

Cultivating crops is hard enough, but keeping an eye on them as they grow makes it even harder. Agriculture is another field where drones are making a significant impact. Farmers can send drones over large fields to monitor crop health and soil conditions and even locate pests. By getting this vital data quickly, farmers can take necessary actions to improve yield and minimize losses.

Improving Safety Checks on Buildings and Infrastructure

Inspecting tall or structurally complex buildings can be a hazardous job. Drones, however, can easily reach such heights and difficult spots, capturing images or videos that can be analyzed to assess the structure’s safety. This not only keeps human workers safer but also makes the whole inspection process more efficient.

Capturing the Essence of Big Events

For event organizers, drones offer a new way to capture the size and excitement of large events like concerts, festivals, or sports meets. Traditional cameras are limited by their location, but drones can roam freely, capturing dynamic shots that add a ‘wow’ factor to the event coverage. It would increase the grandiosity and exclusivity of your events if they have drone photography in Alabama or similar places.

Vigilance Where Needed

In areas that require monitoring for safety — like beaches where people might be at risk of drowning or forests that are prone to fires — drones can be a vigilant eye in the sky. They can cover large areas quickly, providing real-time information that can be crucial for preventing or responding to emergencies. Drones help in keeping people safe by allowing for swift action to be taken under their watchful eye.

Final Note

Drones are more than just a technological marvel; they’re a tool that can revolutionize many aspects of business. Whether you’re planning construction, selling a property, or even hosting a major event, these flying wonders can offer insights and efficiencies like never before. One of the trailblazers in the industry of drone photography is Pelican Drones. They are an excellent provider of drone services in your commercial settings and are approved by the FAA. So, visit their website :- Pelicandrones.com.